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 Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad)

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Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad) Empty
PostSubject: Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad)   Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 4:52 am

Well, the project counts on 10 Levels tends 5 more levels secrets that they are in 2D-MODE, the Progress: 80% Completed! Levels: Esmerald Beach:
Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad) Aefbc885b60e126a1810787d537e6775 Neo Speed City: Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad) 2ff3fb44d3ecc3d37d4e03e24359d46b The Coast: Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad) 04f98820c88f888585fd368ffdac1109 High Montain: Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad) 1d49e3af5375ddc7eaaff27fdbec56af Metal Jungle(Progress 40%): Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad) 2583e50b35f47447feeaa2b12a4a4df4
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Sonic Action 2(Sonic_Action2.wad)
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