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 Shadow the hedgehog WAD Final

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Ultimate Blaze Fan
Ultimate Blaze Fan

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PostSubject: Shadow the hedgehog WAD Final   Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:23 pm

Now for the final release of the long-awaited Shadow the hedgehog remake. :D I know you Shadow fans were wanting to saw me in half over the wait, but I suck at drawing Shadow, so it took that much longer. :P
Special thanks goes to:
Nitro_the_hedgehog, for improving the sprites.
Blade_the_hedgehog, for the character select pic.
Senku_niola, for fixing the spin trail soc so that wouldn't conflict with everything else.
The download link...
UPDATED download.php?4hqmdaib4dq
Don't forget, there are 2 versions of this WAD.
ShadowRE is the WAD you will use for single player, and it has a custom spin trail soc.
ShadowRENET doesn't have the soc because it would lag in servers, and has an alternate super form color.
Let's compare the new Shadow to Donnyku's old one real quick...

Yeah, big difference. :P

Pics, more coming soon...


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The New One
The New One

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow the hedgehog WAD Final   Fri Dec 12, 2008 4:03 am

You forgot to put a screenie of ShadowRENET.wad's waiting frame olololo--*shot*
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Shadow the hedgehog WAD Final
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