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 Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD

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Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD Empty
PostSubject: Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD   Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 11:21 pm

For less than a month, I and other members at the Official SRB2 community were working on a AmyR remake in the editing section. The WAD has been changed so much from the original AmyR, that it's almost a totally new Amy WAD. Smile
Now for some screen shots...
Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD Srb20014-4
Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD Srb20020-3
Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD Srb20023
Amy also has a custom pink spin/thok trail. Smile
Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD Srb20022-4

Special Thanks goes to:
-nitro_the_hedgehog for making her look much better and changing the way her arms move when she walks.
-zck2020 for making an excellent character select pic of Amy.
-Ground the Fox for making the tipping frames, and some of the falling down/bubble breath frames.
Now for the download link...
!NEW! JTE compatible version... download.php?xjfojyr7wwo
You can also download the old Alpha here...

Don't forget, there are two versions of the WAD. AmyRE1 is the main WAD, which has the custom pink spin trail.
AmyRENET.WAD excludes the spin trail soc, to avoid soc mixing with WADs that use the same slot. The WAD's idle frames are also unique from AmyRE1 and is included here for those who still want Amy to double jump and spin with her hammer.
With these two versions, we have both a Sonic Heroes style Amy and a SA style Amy. That should make sure everyone is happy with this WAD.
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Amy Rose is here! AmyRE WAD
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