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 Blaze the cat WAD

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PostSubject: Blaze the cat WAD   Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:17 pm

I have finished the Final version of My Blaze the Cat WAD. For those of you who haven't been paying attention to the Editing Section, I was posting updates to the WIP version of the WAD as I progressed further into its development for some time. No, I didn't make this to upset/anger light dasher, but rather I myself was mad he didn't/never will finish his Blaze WAD, so I made my own. I have made some significant changes to it since the last Alpha and Beta I released. I'm very glad I got the help that I did in the editing section, all of the good members here at SRB2MB helped point me in the right direction, and I appreciate it.
I made one last update to the WAD. Blaze's sprites are much more accurate and way less sloppy then the last version. The only way to make more improvements to her would be to change the way the sprites are shaded, or start all over from scratch.
Download here:
SRB2FFH Mirror Mediafire Mirror
Don't forget, there are two versions of the WAD. Blaze_the_Cat.wad is the best file you will use and has a custom spin trail. BlazeNet.wad should be used for NET games, as it doesn't have the soc, reducing lag and chances of Sigseving various maps.
56k'ers, prepare to meet your doom!
Screen shots:

Her custom spin trail changes colors with the player. Smile

Don't forget, there's also a separate WAD file that, when loaded, will change the Chaos Emeralds graphics to the Sol Emeralds!

Blaze also has a working Super form too, Burning Blaze!

Egg Man Nega has also been added the Sol Emerald WAD! Replacing the normal Egg Man boss with his alternate self.

The Sol Emerald WAD also completely replaces Super Sonic in 'Sonic into Dreams' with Burning Blaze. Very Happy

Credit to those who helped with the production of the WAD:
-SSNTails's SRB2 Sonic sprites, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without them.
-Chaos Zero 64's Espio WAD's custom thok trail soc, and Espio's spin frames, which I used as a base for Blaze's spin frames.
-Sonic The Dalek, for fixing issues related to the custom spin trail and providing me with an excellent Character Selection Pic. He also made the current Life monitor icon.
-Everyone else that provided excellent suggestions for my WAD.

Now for a 'Before and After'...just to show you how bad she used to look. Razz

Before the update!

After the update!

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AmyR Remake WAD

To those that are interested, here's the download link to the older version of Blaze.
Download link to the old version of Blaze
Mediafire Mirror to the old version
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Blaze the cat WAD
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