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 Staff Rules - All Admins/Moderators must read!

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WARNING: May contain AIDS.
WARNING: May contain AIDS.

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Staff Rules - All Admins/Moderators must read! Empty
PostSubject: Staff Rules - All Admins/Moderators must read!   Staff Rules - All Admins/Moderators must read! Icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2008 3:15 am

These are the rules specifically for the staff of STD's SRB2 HQ forums. You must follow these or you'll find that you'll lose your admin/mod status. The rules are as follows:

1. Even if you're an admin or a moderator, you must follow all of the forum's main rules.

2. Don't abuse any mod or admin powers anywhere other than the Vent My Spam board.

3. OBEY ME! Metal Sonic


4. Do not go on banning sprees, which is basically banning many users from the forums when they didn't do anything wrong. Only ban users if they cause any trouble and if they have already been warned by PM twice.

5. Do not make any modifications and alterations to the forum's structure without my permission and my consent.

6. Handle all warnings and bans as followed HERE and not in any other way.


7. Only admins have the power to give warnings out and ban any users who are causing trouble. Moderators cannot do this.

Follow these rules my admins and moderators and together we will make the forums as good and as well protected as we possibly can!
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Staff Rules - All Admins/Moderators must read!
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