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WARNING: May contain AIDS.
WARNING: May contain AIDS.

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PostSubject: The Rules - MUST READ FIRST!   Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:27 am

All forums have rules, and this is no exception. Here are the rules to follow and OBEY:

1. Minimal swearing is allowed, excessive cursing is not.
2. Never post pornogaraphy or any other form of explicit content.
3. Other than in the Vent My Spam board, spamming is not allowed.
4. No bumping dead topics or double posting unless absolutely necessary. (For example, updating your own WAD, etc.) The only place where unnecessary bumping or double postine is allowed is the Vent My Spam board.
5. Always type your posts in English. Also, always make sure that your spelling and grammar are as correct as possible. Minor grammar errors are fine, but when "u tlk lk dis" we will fucking kill you. Well, except in the Vent My Spam board, that is.
6. No flaming other users, otherwise we'll use a bigger flamethrower on you, which MAY be set to "Ban And Burn" depending on certain circumstances.
7. No trolling. This isn't /b/, so calling anyone a furfag (not that I'm one) or doing any other form of e-terrorism will not help you.
8. No warez, cracks or any other form of illegal activities.

Also, some additional rules for the following boards: WADs in Progress and Completed WADs.

1. Never, ever post a crappy recoloured character. Only quality recoloured WADs that actually have effort put into them (Senku, Zeshiro, Crawlie, etc.) are allowed. If you don't know what effort is, GTFO!
2. Always provide a download link to the WAD (in progress or complete) that you're uploading. Otherwise, it will be dealt with accordingly.
3. Always provide proof that you're making the WAD. Yes, you know what we're saying, no proof, no WAD, yes ban.
4. It is highly recommended that you post screenshots of your WAD. Firstly, it provides full proof as mentioned above, and secondly people will know what your WAD looks like.

That's all I can think of for now. Just remember to follow them carefully and if you break any of the rules...

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